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SDERA - 'Behind the Wheel' Web Application

SDERA was interested in taking a more digital approach to their education modules, and appeal to an increasingly more modern and technology-driven audience.

To this end, their existing ‘Behind the Wheel’ learning booklet was converted and optimised for digital platforms, with its in-built quizzes and exercises all deployed on a web framework that allowed for students to complete their course via portable devices.

The application was designed mobile-first, and developed on the Yii Framework, which allowed for fast speeds and flexibility. Initially scoped for just 50 schools in WA, the app quickly scaled to over 370 schools across Australia within 12 months due to its quick adoption and student participation.

Currently there are over 750 teachers managing accounts, and 7,000 students who have used the web app to complete their driving education.

The final web application is accessible through here.

View Web App’s designs and final deployment